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Online tools to make your images cool

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Yes i am talking about online photo editing tools. We have been using Adobe's Photoshop for long time but now time has changed and we have other better options available. I will brief you about few tools you should checked it out.

1) Pixlr :

This is best one in my list that's why i am featuring it first. why i am saying this is the best is because it loads the editor very quickly. It's GUI is simple and user oriented. If you have very basic knowledge of Photoshop you can go for this. its also available on play store and itunes for free.

Visit Pixlr Editor

2) Splashup :

Splashup is the second best according to me. It provide features like multiple image editing which normally others too provide but this cool and it's editor loads second fastest as per my experience. Its only for online and windows no android and iphone app for this.

Visit Splashup Editor

3) Fotor :

Fotor is also proving cool features like photo collage and photo card creation. When you visit this site you have to either of the options which are "Open a photo, "Card", "Collage". It also provide you with tuto's on this options. it's kind of cool again. Its available on all most all platforms.

Visit Fotor Editor

4) Sumopaint :

I am featuring this last because this editor has pro and free version. you have to pay 19$ to upgrade to pro. Although the free version is enough for few experiments. The editor also contains some advertisement which may make your photo session hectic. 

Visit Sumopaint Editor

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