Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Next version of WIndows is Windows 10 not Windows 9

By on 12:50 AM

It's been few minutes since Microsoft launched a preview of it's latest and upcoming Windows 10. Yeah, it's named as Windows 10 and not as WIndows 9. Starting from this week there was a flood of post saying Windows 9, but it's Windows 10.

You can download the preview of Windows 10, which is the unfinished version of Windows to get your hands on it. As Microsoft release this tech preview to get feedback from tech users like you, in Windows 10 Microsoft has provided a separate app to send your feedback directly to them.

Many other improvements are also been done in Windows 10 raging from start menu, search functionality and multi-taking window panes. Apps can also be realized starting from this. Windows 10 is the perfect for all devices as Microsoft suggests. We are really excited about Windows 10 and you should be too. Check out below video for more updates.

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