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Essential Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts to increase your productivity

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Windows 8 shortcut

It's been long time since windows 8 out in market and many you might be not knowing the basic keyboard shortcuts that can help you increase your productivity in day to day life work on your Windows 8 pc. You must be knowing the very basic keyboard shortcuts like 'Ctrl+c', 'Ctrl+v', 'Home', 'End' etc. 

We have seen few people who still uses arrow keys to reach to start and end of the line. So for them, 'Home' key can help you to reach start of a text line and 'End' key can help you to reach end of a text line. If you want to go extreme start of a text snippet shortcut is 'Ctrl+Home' and to go extreme end of a text snippet shortcut is 'Ctrl+End'.

Apart from the discussed keyboard shortcuts there are many essential keyboard shortcuts you should know, which we have listed below :
  • Ctrl + Alt + PrtSc: Take screenshot of the active window and you can use taken screenshot in word, excel, paint, online editing tools etc. ( For those who only knows PrtSc this can improve their productivity.)
  • Ctrl + N: To create a New folder in the explorer
  • Windows Key + D: Shows desktop
  • Windows Key + E: Open Explorer
  • Windows Key + L: Locks Computer and goes to Lock Screen
  • Windows Key + X: Shows advanced Windows Setting Menu
  • Windows Key + C: Shows Charms menu (Menu that comes on right side in Windows 8)
  • Windows Key + I: Shows Chams menu settings
  • Windows Key + , : Shows desktop temporarily
  • Windows Key + Up Arrow: Maximize current window
  • Windows Key + Down Arrow: Minimize current window
  • Windows Key + Left Arrow: Maximize current window to left side of the screen
  • Windows Key + Right Arrow: Maximize current window to right side of the screen
  • Ctrl + Shift + Esc: Open Task Manager
  • Alt + Enter: Show Properties of selected item in File Explorer
  • Alt + Left Arrow: View previous opened folder in File Explorer
  • Alt + Right Arrow: View next folder in File Explorer
  • Alt + F4: Exit current focused Window or Application
Above list is the partial list from the full list which we have picked up for you people to increase your productivity using Windows PC. hope this will help you amazing people achieve your daily tasks in no time. For more such info keep visiting us.

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