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Use this Android apps to keep your favourite apps protected

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Many of you might be knowing about the AppLock Android App, if not then AppLock provides you with the ability to add one more security layer in Android using which you can protect your Android apps like Facebook, Gallery etc where you have your personal things. We have reviewed two more apps and AppLock for you to check out and decide which one you wanna use to secure your apps. 
  • LOCX:
LOCX: App Lock & Photo Vault is on top of our list as it impressed us by it's light weight APK size and too cool material design. Like any other lock app it comes with all the basic features to secure your apps. One new feature that would impress you is the Chameleon which disguise your lock screen to prevent from breaking into your password. Fingerprint scanner and fake force close dialog are now supported, and more covers are coming soon. Try LOCX on Play Store.
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  • LockDown Pro:
Second in the list LockDown Pro is having reasonable amount of APK size. The features that we like about LockDown Pro is it's ripple effect implementation in app and support of Calculator lock which is unique of it's kind. LockDown Pro is featured as Top 5 Apps for 2014 by xda-developers.It also supports 30 languages and fake cover. Try LockDown Pro on Play Store.
  • AppLock:
Most of you must be knowing about AppLock as it's too for securing your apps, but as in recent update AppLock has drastic changes. Main thing we didn't liked is their ads implementation which makes it annoying. But it still tops the Play Store due to it's past reputation and that's why it's at botttom of our list. Try AppLock on Play Store.

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    It is true that protect our smartphone apps is so important. I am personally used AppLock apps. It is so good. I must try these other two. Thanks:)

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    Simple and very informative post. If you want to Lock down Android device in kiosk mode you can visit here -