Friday, February 13, 2015

Shift for Android with an innovative way for your photo filters

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We have found an app for you guys to try this weekend. Photo filter apps the flooding Android market, although Android does not provide much flexibility to handle photo filters like iOS does, some of the developers still have manage to provide you Android lovers with great photo filters apps. Previously we had featured Retrica and now we have another app for you name Shift. 

Idea behind shift is simple it just provide you with the photo filters for your already taken images from your any camera. It's the simplicity of the concept that we liked at first glance. Shift at start gives you a screen having demo image and you can apply filters to that. You have provided with the option to save filters for future use, as Shift generates filters for you randomly.

There are limitless possibilities for photo filters with shift, but it's randomness sometimes became tedious to find the best filter for your image. You may find yourself getting annoyed at some point, still Shift has a great innovation in it. Shift also has more to offer where you can drag, rotate and pinch points to personalize.

Note that we are not promoting Shift here, it's our frank review of the app and we recommend that you should give Shift a try. It's available for free on Play Store.

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