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Thursday, January 22, 2015

WhatsApp Update: Now available to access on Web

WhatsApp which has been acquired by Facebook is the heartthrob of billion people. Many of you must be the dard hard user of WhatsApp in your daily life. Now WhatsApp has just launched an new update and it might surprise you a bit.

Recent update of WhatsApp will allow us to use it using Web Browser as mentioned on their official blog " millions of you will have the ability to use WhatsApp on your web browser." Currently though users can only access WhatsApp Web on Google Chrome only, WhatsApp will be supporting other browser in near future. 

With WhatsApp Web your experience will be same, this means still your mobile will have all your messages but you can have your messages on web too. Now to use WhatsApp Web it's simple, just follow below steps:

  1. Update to recent version of WhatsApp on your favourite Smartphone.
  2. Visit in Google Chrome browser.
  3. Scan the QR code shown on the inside the WhatsApp on your Smartphone under 'WhatsApp Web' menu option.
One thing to note here is currently WhatsApp Web is not supported for iOS devices due to Apple Platform limitation. Also your phone needs to stay connected to the internet for WhatsApp web client to work. 

Do let us know what you think about the WhatsApp's Web move. keep visiting us for dose of internet.

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Monday, September 22, 2014

How to fix "Unfortunately, the process has stopped."

Have you installed a custom ROM, upgrade your firmware or you was just sitting back and this message "Unfortunately the Has Stopped" got displayed? We know this is the hack a problem that you might be facing, it really suck.

When this problem will occur you phone won't allow you to do anything. This message will get displayed every 1-2 seconds. And if the screen if locked then you even won't be able to unloack the phone. Find the sample screenshot below :

In the above situation when you can't even able to unlock your phone or you are not able to navigate to any screen while your phone is not locked, you have to wait till your battery gets expired. There are certain steps that you can take you avoid this error which are :

1. Clear Phone App data :

The first trick that can solve your problem is to clear the data of Phone app which you can find in Apps settings. Just navigate to Settings>Apps>All, find and click on to Phone app. Now you can see the 'Clear data' button just click it. Reboot your phone for the changes to take effect.

2. Clear SIM Toolkit data :

After applying first step you can also apply this step, which is same but the app to delete data is different. Just navigate to Settings>Apps>All, find and click on to 'SIM Toolkit' app. Now you can see the 'Clear data' button just click it. Reboot your phone for the changes to take effect.

3. Custom Recovery :

If above two steps didn't work then you can go for this. Install the latest AROMA file manager, available on XDA website. Use it to delete the cache or temporary folder of “Phone” as well as the SIM toolkit app. Reboot your device for the changes to take effect.

4. Factory Reset :

Final option if nothing works is the factory reset. To do this, hold down the Volume Up, Home and Power keys altogether until the phone vibrates. Once it vibrates, let go of the Power key but keep your fingers pressed on the rest. You will be able see the menu from which you can easily do reset.

Hoping this will solve your problem guyz. For my Hot-To's and amazing offers keep vising us.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Track your lost Android Smartphone without any third party app

Smartphone has become the ultimate addiction today, without it we can't even survive a single day. You must have given a thought that what if you lost your Android smartphone! Your Android must be having your personal images and other important data that you won't allow any other person to look. So there is a simple way you can keep track of your Android Device without any third party app.

What you can do is visit Play Store website using laptop/browser and login with the account that is attached to your Android phone (Note your phone need to have a Play Store account, you must be having as you need it to download apps from Play Store). After that click on the setting icon and select "Android Device Manager" as shown in below image :

Track your lost Android Smartphone without any third party app 1

You will be navigated to login page where you should login with your Google account, just enter credentials and sign-in. You will end up on to the below screen where the magic is :

Track your lost Android Smartphone without any third party app 2

Notice the green box which appears to show three buttons. Note that currently the device's location is unavailable but you can update it by clicking locate icon shown in the image on just right to prn icon. This process of updating location works best with Android App "Android device Manager" installed on your smartphone but it's not necessary.

Important Note : Below mentioned button clicks will work when your device will have a internet connection to it. 

Now with button shown you can handle what your device should do. Clicking on 'Erase' will delete your phone data, clicking on Lock will lock your phone with your credentials entered in phone like password, pattern (don't try this functions until required). Lastly clicking on 'Ring', your device will get a ring which is handy and you can try (it's fun).

See below screenshot of device for poof :
Track your lost Android Smartphone without any third party app 3

This is the simplest and cheapest solution to track your Android device. If you like this How-To then share this with your friends. ( Sharing is Caring ) 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Is Truecaller scares you? Unlist yourself

Truecaller unlist

Truecaller is the app that let's users search numbers and name. Recently it has gained lots of popularity for it's unique service. This service may help in some situations but having your number in their list may harm you. Suppose what if Truecaller losses its data! in past it had happen and they have said that they have improved from that. 

With time they have also evolved and lets users know the location of the number. Its a thing that may scares you, as anyone can know who are you and where are you. So what you can do? Unlist yourself from truecaller by entering your mobile number with country code at given link below.


Friday, December 13, 2013

How to guide to remove Android device from your Google Play account

internetjar blog remove android from google account

When you purchase a new Android device and start using it you require to integrate a Google Play account with it. Google attaches your device to your account, what if you want to remove it from your account! It's Simple three step process which you have to follow. Find the steps below.   

Step 1 : Open Google Play
Step 2 : Click on to settings gear icon
Step 3 : Edit or remove your device from attached devices.

Check our below to get an idea, Cheers.

internetjar blog remove android divice from google account

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Here is a trick to download APK file directly from Play Store

I was looking for some trick to download APK file of apps, as sometimes due to memory shortage i was not able to update my apps or download new apps. But now its and easy as there is a way you can download APK file directly from Google Play Store. Only limitation is that you can download only free apps from Play Store. Click on below image and enter the Play Store URL of app that you wanna download and enjoy the trick.

Internetjar blog apk downloader

Hope you like it. So do share the post. Enjoy.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Root your device guide for novice users

internetjar blog root android

You must have heard of 'Root your Android' some where like in some apps, may be by your friend. So what does it mean. Rooting Android means you are getting to root of your OS. After rooting your Android, you will have the privileges to access all the folders which are not accessible when you get the device from your manufacturer. 

Once Rooted you can install apps that require the special privileges as i mentioned before.If you need to install custom fonts then also you will have to root Android. Most important one will be when you will want to install custom build Android versions.

There is no one solution which work for every device, you have to go for slightly specific solution. In general you will need  your USB cable, a Windows PC with your phone’s drivers installed, a full charge on your handset, and USB debugging mode enabled.

Next step will be to use a software and i will recommend the SuperOneClick. You can see the list of device supported, downloads and instruction from here.

If it doesn't support your device then all i can suggest here is simply google it.