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Friday, February 13, 2015

Shift for Android with an innovative way for your photo filters

We have found an app for you guys to try this weekend. Photo filter apps the flooding Android market, although Android does not provide much flexibility to handle photo filters like iOS does, some of the developers still have manage to provide you Android lovers with great photo filters apps. Previously we had featured Retrica and now we have another app for you name Shift. 

Idea behind shift is simple it just provide you with the photo filters for your already taken images from your any camera. It's the simplicity of the concept that we liked at first glance. Shift at start gives you a screen having demo image and you can apply filters to that. You have provided with the option to save filters for future use, as Shift generates filters for you randomly.

There are limitless possibilities for photo filters with shift, but it's randomness sometimes became tedious to find the best filter for your image. You may find yourself getting annoyed at some point, still Shift has a great innovation in it. Shift also has more to offer where you can drag, rotate and pinch points to personalize.

Note that we are not promoting Shift here, it's our frank review of the app and we recommend that you should give Shift a try. It's available for free on Play Store.

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Use this Android apps to keep your favourite apps protected

Many of you might be knowing about the AppLock Android App, if not then AppLock provides you with the ability to add one more security layer in Android using which you can protect your Android apps like Facebook, Gallery etc where you have your personal things. We have reviewed two more apps and AppLock for you to check out and decide which one you wanna use to secure your apps. 
  • LOCX:
LOCX: App Lock & Photo Vault is on top of our list as it impressed us by it's light weight APK size and too cool material design. Like any other lock app it comes with all the basic features to secure your apps. One new feature that would impress you is the Chameleon which disguise your lock screen to prevent from breaking into your password. Fingerprint scanner and fake force close dialog are now supported, and more covers are coming soon. Try LOCX on Play Store.
play store
  • LockDown Pro:
Second in the list LockDown Pro is having reasonable amount of APK size. The features that we like about LockDown Pro is it's ripple effect implementation in app and support of Calculator lock which is unique of it's kind. LockDown Pro is featured as Top 5 Apps for 2014 by xda-developers.It also supports 30 languages and fake cover. Try LockDown Pro on Play Store.
  • AppLock:
Most of you must be knowing about AppLock as it's too for securing your apps, but as in recent update AppLock has drastic changes. Main thing we didn't liked is their ads implementation which makes it annoying. But it still tops the Play Store due to it's past reputation and that's why it's at botttom of our list. Try AppLock on Play Store.

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

WhatsApp Update: Now available to access on Web

WhatsApp which has been acquired by Facebook is the heartthrob of billion people. Many of you must be the dard hard user of WhatsApp in your daily life. Now WhatsApp has just launched an new update and it might surprise you a bit.

Recent update of WhatsApp will allow us to use it using Web Browser as mentioned on their official blog " millions of you will have the ability to use WhatsApp on your web browser." Currently though users can only access WhatsApp Web on Google Chrome only, WhatsApp will be supporting other browser in near future. 

With WhatsApp Web your experience will be same, this means still your mobile will have all your messages but you can have your messages on web too. Now to use WhatsApp Web it's simple, just follow below steps:

  1. Update to recent version of WhatsApp on your favourite Smartphone.
  2. Visit in Google Chrome browser.
  3. Scan the QR code shown on the inside the WhatsApp on your Smartphone under 'WhatsApp Web' menu option.
One thing to note here is currently WhatsApp Web is not supported for iOS devices due to Apple Platform limitation. Also your phone needs to stay connected to the internet for WhatsApp web client to work. 

Do let us know what you think about the WhatsApp's Web move. keep visiting us for dose of internet.

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Lazy Swipe: ONE HAND and ONE SWIPE,do whatever you want!

lazy swipe
We have found another innovative yet useful Android app which can give it a try. Are you an Android user who likes have their recent and frequently used app at your one touch, then Lazy Swipe an Android app about which we are about to tell you can make your day easy.

As mentioned in headline Lazy Swipe is the app which will use your ONE HAND and ONE SWIPE and will allow you to do whatever you want! We used this app for few days and now we are here to tell you why you should give it a try and what are some of the things Lazy Swipe need to improve on.

First Lazy Swipe has a really innovative way of giving you an drawer having recently used app, frequently used app and toolbox which contains good features like Torch button, Mobile data on/off, Airplane Mode, etc  general settings which can benefit in day to day use. You can swipe on bottom left corner and bottom right corner, also you can increase the swipe area.

Now few things we didn't liked about Lazy Swipe is, they have given RAM booster button in Toolbox which is kind of no use in terms of, it does really perform the boosting function. Also on small screen devices(4.5 inches and below) while scrolling left to right or wise versa opens Lazy Swipe drawer accidently, which is annoying sometime.

We recommend, Lazy Swipe is worth giving a shot and we leave it up to you to decide whether it's useful or not, do let us know what are your thoughts on to it. You can download it from Google Play button below.
Google Play Button
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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Try Notific to get your notifications on your lock screen

Android is the booming Mobile Operating System and to find the right apps in the Google's Play Store for your Android is very tedious, you can waste your hours of time in that. So to save your efforts, here we are with another Android app name Notific which enables your Android to show your notifications on your lock screen. Read below why you should use this app.

As said earlier Notific enables you to show notification on your lock screen, it's material design recent update is simply elegant and makes user experience super cool. Notific has Pro paid version and the free version, free version is enough to make your experience awesome, though if you like if you can try the pro.

Other Few things that we liked about Notific is it's app size which is very less compared to other messy app available in the market and noticeable thing. It has settings related to sensors which is very useful. You can choose your own style from THREE different themes, Jellybean HOLO, Android Wear inspired Material and Ambient Display inspired dark (AMOLED friendly) theme.

As mentioned on their app page, Notific is under development for more features and seeing current functionally we can say that it will rock the market. we recommend you to try it's free version which you can install it from below:

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Bring your Selfies to life with Retrica Android app

Retrica android app
The best things always comes free and we are here to tell you about an Android app named Retrica which allows you to take great #Selfies. Find below the full review about Retrica.

Note that we are not promoting apps here, we are just sharing with you the great stuff that you should know and give a try. Now you must be thinking that currently there are so many photo taking apps available in the market, but why you should choose Retrica!! Retrica as their app developers says is the great app to take selfies.

Retrica has around 80 filters for you to customize your photos/selfies. Apart from that basic cropping and other functionality. Now most of photography apps have that but the filters Retrica is offering is unique. Some of the features of Retrica are Vignette Borders, Collage, Watermark, Timer and Blur image. Also with retrica you can click many images simultaneously with just one click. We like the way they have provided all in one features for you.

Now there are few things which we didn't like much. First to capture a image you need to click a button, from user perspective app should click image clicking anywhere on screen in camera visible area. Also They have ads placed apart from in-app purchase. They should have gone with in-app purchase. This are no major issue to worry about.

So we recommend Retrica to selfie loves and those who loves to give effects to their photos. Check Retrica on Play Store.
Google Play Image

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Get your hands on Galaxy Note 4 apps in adavance

Samsung's beast from it's Galaxy(Note 4)  has not yet arrived, it will be available in October to gets your hands onto it. Before Galaxy Note 4 arrives, here are the apps of Note 4 that you can get your hands on, that will be loaded in Note 4. Thanks to a XDA Forum user Albe95's post on XDA for this.

There are some tricks that must have worked for Albe95 to get this apps, for now you should check the apps forgetting how it arrived which is a bit techie to know about. Below is the list of apps that you can find on Albe95's post :
  • Note 4 S Voice
  • Note 4 S Health
  • Note 4 Smart Remote
  • Note 4 GeoNews
  • Note 4 Galaxy Apps Widget
  • Note 4 Task Manager
  • Samsung Gear Manager
  • Snapbiz Card
  • All Together
  • S Memo
  • Story Album
  • Easy Chart for S Note
Before you download this app set the system option “Install from Unknown Sources” option checked. We do not know how this app can behave on your device, so before you try this apps backup your phone (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED). Visit XDA thread for further info and download links. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

UC Browser : All you need to browse internet on your smartphone

Many Browser for mobile platform is available but which one to choose! You must have got this question whenever you have thought of downloading any new browser from app store. We recommend UC BRowser which is the all in one that you need and below are some of the details why you should use this.

UC Browser comes with FB faster browse where you can browser Facebook fast compared to any other browser. Apart from it's FB faster add on, UC Browser provides user with hundreds of themes to choose from, which maked it's user experience quite a interesting. Features like Fast Browsing and Smart Downloading is and ingredient that adds spice to UC browsers experience.

UC Browser has won several awards which proves it's worthiness. In their new release they have added features like Ad Block, Optimized Text Display and New Navigation. It's a all in browser that you need. It's available for all major mobile platform, so below is the link to Play Store for Android User. Click below to download it from Play Store.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Forget the Flappy Bird it's 2048 addiction

In past Flappy Bird has got the eye of internet and had became the famous overnight. But forget the retro style Flappy Bird, we are here to tell you about an interesting  and addictive game named ' 2048 ' which is available on Android and iOS.

It's very simple game where you have to join the numbers which start from 2 and you have to reach to 2048 tile in the game. It may occur to your mind that it's simple, but when you will give it a try you will find it very addictive.

2048 game developers has update their game several times and it contains features like automatic saving, undo support, leaderboard, sharing and many others. Lastly 2048 is that game that is easy to play yet but hard to win and it will consume your free time if you are a puzzle game lover. So without wasting your time, click on below link to download it from play store.

2048 On Play Store

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Top 3 Android apps which you won't find in iPhone

Android apps

You must have got an idea that we are Android fans at IJBlog and we kind of prefer Android over iPhone. So this we are here with three apps which you won't find for your iPhone in Apple's App store. Apple's iOS is good but it's not that much fab to support this app that we are gonna reveal in moments. Note that there are many other apps other then we are gonna tell you so feel free to comment on this post.

We are featuring first the app from the productivity section and specifically launcher, Smart Launcher. Smart Launcher enables users to complete change the way they interact with their Android phone. This is one of the best feature that Android users have over iPhone and you even can't imagine to get this in iPhone. Smart Launcher's basic features are free to download and it has pro version to which adds widget support into it.

Smart launcher app

Now our other app is the widget and you can't even imagine widgets in iPhone. Android has it's step way ahead of iPhone when it comes to the widgets. Wavestock's widget for stocks is one of the best widget you can find in Android's Play Store. Android Stocks Tape Widget allows users to index and follow their stocks they want to follow. This app has basic trial version and also the pro version.

stocks tape widget app

Cover is the app which lets Android users to customize their home screen look and it's very impressive. The great feature of Cover is that it learns which apps you use most in various locations you frequent, and it makes them easily accessible with no user intervention. Other great feature is it utilizes your location and determines whether you are at home or at work and accordingly it's adjusts itself. Cover is in beta now and supports very less devices.

cover app

Saturday, January 25, 2014

This app will never let you forget to take your pills

MediSafe app
We have seen app like Games, chatting apps etc, but there some utility apps which you should have in your phone. This time we are featuring a medical app which will never let you forget the pills that you have to take when your are sick. App named MediSafe is a beautiful, visual and easy-to-use pill reminder and medication management app. It will help you take your medicine on time and safely. It also allows you to help your family members with their pills.

Some of features of MediSafe from Play store are :

• Visual and super easy to handle. 
• Synchronizes the family pillboxes to one place. 
• Reminds you on time, even if your device is asleep. 
• Choose your reminder sound to make MediSafe a comfortable addition to your day. 
• High end graphics that look great on HD Displays. 
• See a list of what meds are "due today" and check them off as you go. 
• Rx refill reminds you when you need to restock.
• List PRN (on demand) medication.
• See your progress report and send it to the doctor as an Excel file.

We hope you like this post, so share your love for us by sharing this post with your friends and liking us on social medias. Take care and do visit us again. 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Udemy world's largest destination for online course launches Android app

Udemy is the world's largest destination for on-demand, online courses. After getting success on IOS platform udemy has come up with Android app and it was most awaited app we can say. Now they have tried to convert their web service to port to mobile platform and they have proven it fairly right. The interface is responsive and enable you to learn on the go.

Now most of the course in udemy are paid but there are number of basic courses which are offered free there. You can find courses ranging from programming, yoga, marketing to the entrepreneurship and design. Some of the features of udemy are :
  • Discover thousands of on-demand, online courses.
  • Watch courses on the go with various ways like video, presentations etc.
  • Watch your course offline by downloading it.
Now we recommend that udemy is the best on the go learning Android app for anyone who likes to learn. So check out udemy Android app on Play Store by clicking below. 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Angry Birds Go available on Play Store

angry birds go

Rovio which is the company behind Angry Birds has launched it's Angry Birds series next game named "Angry Birds Go" and it's available to download from Play Store. As always Rovio has stand up to the quality. The downhill racing on piggy island will make gamers experience the 3D world of Angry Birds. 

The app contains cool graphics which will attract you to play it. The minimum requirements to play the game on your Android is Android 2.3.3 and up. This time Rovio has included Some new features, one of them is ToonTV integration. This is the first 3D Angry Birds to its coolest. Download from play store link given below. 

Happy Gaming ;)

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Locate your lost Android using Android Device Manager app

internetjar blog android device manager app

Android is the coolest mobile Os available in market you know why because Google is there ;) . Recently Google has launched an app named 'Android Device Manager' ( ADM in short ) which can locate your lost Android, don't you think it's cool! Let's check out what's in there for users.

ADM gets on Play store yesterday with a moto to help user handle their Android devices. Hope you all will not require to use this but now you can be relieved if you lost it. How it works, you must have attached a google account to use your android. Now this app uses your Google account to handle your device, ADM let's you to :

  • Locate your Android  device.
  • Erase all content of phone.
  • Reset your lock screen PIN. 
Now this is compatible with any Android device running 2.2 or up version of android. Always be on safe side so do check out the app and share this post to help your friends and family get to know about this must have app to secure their device.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Google Play Newsstand - one place for all your news

internetjar blog google play nesstand

If you are looking for a one place to read and discover the magazines, news, blogs then Google has made this task simple by introducing the "Google Play Newsstand". Here is an inside story.

Facebook's new competitor Snapchat

internetjar blog snapchat

Snapchat is in news from past week since it rejected the offers of many big giants like Facebook,Google, etc, from a report Snapchat rejected the 4 billion offer from Facebook.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Organize everything with 'Trello' App

I was looking for a all in one app to organize my every, day to day task ranging from organizing a surprise birthday party to maintain my development projects and i found 'Trello'. Trello has support for every device including tablets. 

Trello allows you to add following cards :
- checklists to keep track of to-dos
- comments to update your co-workers
- photos and videos
- who's working on that card

This app is free and i recommend you can give it a shot as you can manage your any development which involves more persons.

internetjar blog trello review

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Give new look to your multitasking in android using Switchr

Multitasking with Android 4.0 has taken up the higher atep as new API's are available for android developers. Though users with Android version 2.1 and higher can use this app. "Switchr - Task Switcher" is new stuff for any android user, you can give it a try. It's new stuff and requires a little more focus.

I liked the apps theme and the options provided by it. Though the switching of app is not as good as the Android's in-built multitasking. You can give it a shot.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Microsoft Launches 'Wordament' for Android

XBOX's famous word game 'Wordament' is available on google play store. The main newness in this game is you can share your skill with the whole world and can compare with others too.

internetjar blog wordament by microsoft

Wordament is played on a 4x4 board of letters. You swipe across the letters to make words, but you can go in any direction. At the end of the round, you get to see how you compare to everyone else. To show up on the leaderboards you need to sign in with an Xbox or Facebook account. So go and show your skills. Visit link above to download it from play store.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Google's Quickoffice gets free grab it : App Review

Hello friends, good news for you, google is announce and make the Quickoffice free for android user. Now you don't have to purchase any app to edit PDF or word files because Quickoffice is here for you.

Garb it for your android device here.