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Monday, January 12, 2015

Learn how to Search Google like a pro with an interactive Infographics

Google a Company which changed the way we used to surf. We use Google to check if our Internet connection is working or not. Whenever you need any information, you just open Google and type it down what you need to know. But do you know there is trillions of information available on Internet and to find the right information that you require through Google there is some tricks that you need to know. Every Google Searcher should know this.

Google has many products which every one of us use it in one or another way. Google Images, Google Book, Google Play etc, you won't even survive a day without Google search. So below is a great Infographics to give some tips on how you should surf the Google. Do share if you find this useful.

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Essential Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts to increase your productivity

Windows 8 shortcut

It's been long time since windows 8 out in market and many you might be not knowing the basic keyboard shortcuts that can help you increase your productivity in day to day life work on your Windows 8 pc. You must be knowing the very basic keyboard shortcuts like 'Ctrl+c', 'Ctrl+v', 'Home', 'End' etc. 

We have seen few people who still uses arrow keys to reach to start and end of the line. So for them, 'Home' key can help you to reach start of a text line and 'End' key can help you to reach end of a text line. If you want to go extreme start of a text snippet shortcut is 'Ctrl+Home' and to go extreme end of a text snippet shortcut is 'Ctrl+End'.

Apart from the discussed keyboard shortcuts there are many essential keyboard shortcuts you should know, which we have listed below :
  • Ctrl + Alt + PrtSc: Take screenshot of the active window and you can use taken screenshot in word, excel, paint, online editing tools etc. ( For those who only knows PrtSc this can improve their productivity.)
  • Ctrl + N: To create a New folder in the explorer
  • Windows Key + D: Shows desktop
  • Windows Key + E: Open Explorer
  • Windows Key + L: Locks Computer and goes to Lock Screen
  • Windows Key + X: Shows advanced Windows Setting Menu
  • Windows Key + C: Shows Charms menu (Menu that comes on right side in Windows 8)
  • Windows Key + I: Shows Chams menu settings
  • Windows Key + , : Shows desktop temporarily
  • Windows Key + Up Arrow: Maximize current window
  • Windows Key + Down Arrow: Minimize current window
  • Windows Key + Left Arrow: Maximize current window to left side of the screen
  • Windows Key + Right Arrow: Maximize current window to right side of the screen
  • Ctrl + Shift + Esc: Open Task Manager
  • Alt + Enter: Show Properties of selected item in File Explorer
  • Alt + Left Arrow: View previous opened folder in File Explorer
  • Alt + Right Arrow: View next folder in File Explorer
  • Alt + F4: Exit current focused Window or Application
Above list is the partial list from the full list which we have picked up for you people to increase your productivity using Windows PC. hope this will help you amazing people achieve your daily tasks in no time. For more such info keep visiting us.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

R.I.P Orkut : Take backup of your Scrap

Orkut after a decade long run has been shutting down it's door from today as Google decided. We remember, it was the Orkut on which many of us created our first account not the Facebook. Orkut was the one who revolutionized the social media. What will happen to your photos, scraps and communities? 

Google has said that it will "preserve" public information in its archives. Here is how you can take backup of everything. First you can take out every photos, you can export your photos to your Google+ account vising or you can head over to the Google Takeout, it lets you download your profile, received scraps, received testimonials activities and photos in a zip file. Follow this steps :

  1. Go to the Google Takeout page
  2. Click Choose services and then select Orkut.
  3. Click Create archive. 
  4. When it’s ready, click Download.
Many of you even might not be using Orkut for too long, but its always a nice feeling when we go into the past stuff. We Recommend you to visit your Orkut profile last time today, if you are reading this now. R.I.P Orkut.

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Facebook with a new feature called ' A Look Back '

Facebook a look back

Facebook is getting much attention on internet sometimes for bad stuff sometimes for good stuff. This time we are here to tell you about Facebook's recent new awesome feature called ' A Look Back '. Previously Facebook had got attention as a Princeton Researchers predicted that Facebook will die in 2017. In a hilarious answer  from Facebook, they predicted that university would lose all of its students by 2021.

Coming back to ' A Look Back ' feature then according to Facebook " A Look Back is an experience that compiles your highlights since joining Facebook. Depending on how long you’ve been on Facebook and how much you’ve shared, you’ll see a movie, a collection of photos or a thank you card. ".

Now to get your ' A Look Back ' video you have to visit : 

Facebook has also enabled us with the Edit option and you can edit your video and share with your friends. So enjoy this awesome feature from Facebook. Share your love for us by sharing this post and do visit us again for some cool tricks and tips.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Is Truecaller scares you? Unlist yourself

Truecaller unlist

Truecaller is the app that let's users search numbers and name. Recently it has gained lots of popularity for it's unique service. This service may help in some situations but having your number in their list may harm you. Suppose what if Truecaller losses its data! in past it had happen and they have said that they have improved from that. 

With time they have also evolved and lets users know the location of the number. Its a thing that may scares you, as anyone can know who are you and where are you. So what you can do? Unlist yourself from truecaller by entering your mobile number with country code at given link below.


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

How to switch Chrome in Desktop mode and Windows 8 mode

Chrome Windows 8

Windows 8 has been ruled out and it's app concept making many users made. If we talk about specifically for Chrome then users are facing issues while using Chrome as app. Suppose you are Streaming the music online and mean while working on desktop say going through your picture album. Now if you would be using Chrome as app then it won't play streaming music in back, you have to make it snap on any side. Best is you use desktop version of chrome.

Now you can switch between desktop and app ( windows 8 mode ) mode. We provide you with below two ways to switch.

1) Switch To Desktop Version : If you are currently using Chrome in Windows mode then refer the below image to switch to desktop mode.

1) Switch To Windows 8 App Version : If you are currently using Chrome in Desktop mode then refer the below image to switch to Windows 8 App mode.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Search Google Like a Pro

Friday, December 13, 2013

How to guide to remove Android device from your Google Play account

internetjar blog remove android from google account

When you purchase a new Android device and start using it you require to integrate a Google Play account with it. Google attaches your device to your account, what if you want to remove it from your account! It's Simple three step process which you have to follow. Find the steps below.   

Step 1 : Open Google Play
Step 2 : Click on to settings gear icon
Step 3 : Edit or remove your device from attached devices.

Check our below to get an idea, Cheers.

internetjar blog remove android divice from google account

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Delete yourself from the internet

internetjar blog

Have you ever thought of deleting yourself from the internet!! As the web is evolving new services are available to make this easy. Lets check it out.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Here is a trick to download APK file directly from Play Store

I was looking for some trick to download APK file of apps, as sometimes due to memory shortage i was not able to update my apps or download new apps. But now its and easy as there is a way you can download APK file directly from Google Play Store. Only limitation is that you can download only free apps from Play Store. Click on below image and enter the Play Store URL of app that you wanna download and enjoy the trick.

Internetjar blog apk downloader

Hope you like it. So do share the post. Enjoy.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Root your device guide for novice users

internetjar blog root android

You must have heard of 'Root your Android' some where like in some apps, may be by your friend. So what does it mean. Rooting Android means you are getting to root of your OS. After rooting your Android, you will have the privileges to access all the folders which are not accessible when you get the device from your manufacturer. 

Once Rooted you can install apps that require the special privileges as i mentioned before.If you need to install custom fonts then also you will have to root Android. Most important one will be when you will want to install custom build Android versions.

There is no one solution which work for every device, you have to go for slightly specific solution. In general you will need  your USB cable, a Windows PC with your phone’s drivers installed, a full charge on your handset, and USB debugging mode enabled.

Next step will be to use a software and i will recommend the SuperOneClick. You can see the list of device supported, downloads and instruction from here.

If it doesn't support your device then all i can suggest here is simply google it.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Opt-out from Google using your name and face pic in ads

As Google has announced they will be using your face pic and name in their ads, many of us won't be feeling comfortable with it.

internetjar blog google ads

Follow below three steps to opt-out from this programme.

1. Click here to directly go to "Shared Endorsement" Google+ settings page.
2. Uncheck the box shown below and click on save :
internetjar blog check box for g+settings
3. You'll get a pop-up warning you that if you disable the feature, your friends won't see your recommendations. Click Continue.

That's it, enjoy :)